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I am sure many of you have been following the news out of Houston this week about the pastors' sermons that have been subpoenaed by the lesbian mayor's office.

It is shocking, but honestly, I figured it would all blow over quickly.

But now we are seeing it is not blowing over. In fact, it appears to be even more far reaching in threat to religious liberty. 

I received this helpful analysis today by a Southern Baptist leader I respect. Please take a look. 

We have pondered on this site about what would happen if Christians were no longer free to talk about these "sticky issues."

Now we see this..... It is time for us to awaken and PRAY! This weekend!!

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Sermons Are “Fair Game” in Houston — The Real Warning in the Subpoena Scandal

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What if I Cannot Warn You Anymore??

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Evidence of the changing attitudes toward Christianity is all around us. From ISIS beheadings to student Christian clubs being disallowed in our schools, persecution is becoming a new reality for all Christians.

As I have watch the shocking images coming out of the Middle East, my heart is sobered. I'm asking myself a very important question that I encourage all my readers to think about:

How prepared is my family to stand for Jesus in the face of persecution?

Doug and I are making adjustments in our home even this week. Our children need foundation to their faith, strength to their resolve, and spiritual support to walk out their convictions.

 We have found it to be very important that our children hear stories of those who are standing with courage for Jesus. In Hebrews 11 you find a list of the heroes of faith. I think it's very exciting to find those in our midst today who may be standing with Hebrews 11 type faith.

Voice of the Martyrs has released Liena’s Prayer: A mother’s offering in war-torn Syria, a powerful video available to our families for free with this link. We may also want to take up advantage of their offer of a free DVD to be sent to our churches in observance of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, which is November 2.

 I'm praying for you and your kids today. What an exciting time to be a Christian!

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Lisa censored

What if we were no longer able to communicate online–or in person—about the very issues threatening our families’ faith?

What if someone or something was policing our communication related to the biblical questions of homosexuality and was given the power to deem that communication "hate speech "?

I have been in many conversations saying that the censorship of Christians is not far away.

So when I saw this article about the Hate Crimes bill being considered in Congress, I was sobered.  Surely we can see the danger here!?

I did not see many talking about this issue which concerned me. In fact, this is the best I found (though I am not really liking the tone the author set in the article very much.)

Surely it would not happen.  Right???

Obviously, I am praying we all jump out in opposition of this bill. But that is not all I am proposing.

I am also proposing that we no longer think we "have all the time in the world" to prepare our families for a season of increased persecution and confusion.

Now is the time to disciple our kids. They must understand God's word lest they be drawn into the confusion.  

Now is the time to address the sensitive issues we cover here on Frontline Moms and Dads  in your small group meetings or Sunday School classes at church. If our people are not well prepared, going "underground" with our message, should that happen, will cause us to lose many people.

I am sobered… ...and committed to do my job well now. How about you?

Here is where to get our free ebook again if you need it:

Straight Talk in a Sex-Saturated Culture: A Quiz for Teens, Tweens, and Parents

--By Lisa Cherry--

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By Lisa Cherry

Venomous, hateful words are targeted at Christians regularly—words that are meant to immobilize and silence us. 

Your kids are witnessing this hostility too. Have you talked with them?

Perhaps you saw the post that went viral last week called “The one thing Christians should stop saying.” 

Even if you got in on the debate on this article, you may not have noted some of the comments it generated such as....

“There are so many things that christians should stop saying... One is that homosexuality is a "lifestyle." Another one is that the bible is god's word. Another one is that they know god's will. Another one is "love the sinner, hate the sin." Another one is that, if you can't prove the nonexistence of god, god exists. I think it would just be better if the christians stopped being christians and became responsible and well informed adults."

“Actually, Christians should stop saying a lot of things. They should consider getting their vocal cords removed, so that humanity may progress without their outdated ideals.”

Wow! How do those comments line up with the word "tolerance" ?

And what about the story of the Air Force Cadet who is in hot water for putting Galatians 2:20 on his white board on the front door of his dorm room?

Some are claiming they were "offended" by the scripture declaration.

You would think that an organization named “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” would defend a Christian’s right to express his/her faith. 

But Founder and Director Mikey Weinstein says  that the cadet’s actions “poured fundamentalist Christian gasoline on an already raging out-of-control conflagration of fundamentalist Christian tyranny, exceptionalism and supremacy …” 

He also compared the posting of the Bible verses to “racism.”

Is our world changing quickly or what?

I think it is very important that we help our kids prepare for the venom of hatred coming our way as we stand firm for Jesus Christ.

What can we do to help our kids? Here are 6 ideas:

1. Talk about the news frequently with your kids.  Help them to understand these types of expressions within the context of what Jesus promised us in John 15:18 

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first.

2. Now is the time to read about heroes of the faith and watch videos about people who stood firm. Check out resources at YWAM publishing, or search on “Christian Heroes” at

3. Begin to pray for courage to stand as a family  Use scripture prayers, as God's word is our power!  See Joshua 1:9.

4. Provide a time of "debriefing" where your kids feel comfortable to share their most difficult moments.  They will feel most open to share after you as a parent share first.

5. Consider the increased persecution and pressure as an adventure....not a tragedy.  Obviously, we are not happy about it, but we have been called to the Kingdom for just such a time as this.

6. Begin to study our book and DVD curriculum called Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War.  Buy it here at our store.  Don’t miss chapter 14, which is...."I Will Hate and Be Hated"

What other practical ideas would you suggest as we see the days growing increasingly hostile?

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king and king book coverBy Lisa Cherry

Hannah was placed in a very challenging position for a young 17 year old student. Would she stand for Christ and His standards of morality and holiness, or cave into the expectations of her teacher in order to get an A on a writing project?

As I wrote in my last post, my daughter Hannah was asked in her community college English class to write a persuasive essay, and chose to do it on a banned book called King and King. As a story designed for 5-8 year old children, the fiction work portrays a prince who was having trouble selecting a princess to marry when one of the princess' brothers comes on the scene catching his eye.

The two princes fall in love, are seen kissing one another and are named King and King of the kingdom after a royal wedding that made them a "family." Quite a story for our primary students, eh?

Hannah worked dozens of hours formulating a three point persuasive argument in favor of the ban of the book from elementary classrooms that included the ideas that it could contribute to gender confusion in children, lead to homosexual experimentation, and undermine parental leadership in sexual education.  

It became apparent almost immediately that Hannah was in deep water. Her teacher began shooting back comments that Hannah would not be able to adjust unless she altered her viewpoint significantly.

"Mom, I should never have done this paper!" she tearfully lamented. "I don't want to blow my grade point average before I even officially start college!"

So here are today's questions. What should I have done when my daughter faced persecution for her faith?

1. Should I have tried to steer Hannah away from the topic she chose before she ever started writing? Even though all the topics that the teacher offered were controversial, should I have urged her not to pick one of the ones on homosexuality since that is so volatile and "dangerous" now?

2. Should I have helped her appeal for a new topic when it became apparent her teacher was going to intensely attack her viewpoint and possibly grade her lower because of it?

3. Should I have even considered having her drop the class to avoid the problem all together?

4. Should I have called her teacher myself at the first signs of trouble?

What do you think?
What would you have done??

This series of blog posts is designed to get us thinking by using a real live example of persecution toward a Christian child. I want to hear your ideas because we MUST sharpen our leadership if we and our children are to stand strong!

In my next post I will tell you which of those options I chose and why. And then we can discuss whether I did the right thing or not!

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