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Cherry vacation 2012 Kyla Kalyn smiling 178976_104090126399915_575654009_nBy Kalyn Cherry Waller

Note from Lisa: Kalyn was furious when she walked into my kitchen recently with baby Kyla in her arms. Her usual pleasant greeting was replaced with outrage over the story below. I asked her to share it with you.

At fifteen, I was tricked into a secret relationship with a 46-year-old man.  This story could have been mine.

Child sterilization?  Mixed in with all the useless verbage on my Facebook newsfeed, those words caught my attention.

I thought my eyes must be tricking me.  I clicked on the link posted by a pastor friend of mine only to be horrified by what I was reading.

The state of Oregon has made it legal for girls as young as fifteen to be permanently sterilized without parental consentAnd Obamacare requires that this be made available at no cost.

My immediate response was outrage.  How could this be happening in our country?

The article went on to quote from the "consent" form that a young person would sign, stating that they fully understood the permanent nature of sterilization, and did not wish to EVER become pregnant.

Do you see the significant problems with any kind of statement resembling this?

A fifteen year old is not capable of fully understanding the repercussions of important decisions.  Hence the reason they cannot vote for the next president.  Or drive a car by themselves.  Or open a bank account.  Or schedule dental work for themselves.  The list goes on and on.

tubal ligation 800px-Left_tubal_ligationYET, without her parents’ consent, a fifteen-year-old could be permanently sterilized.  How ridiculous!

Furthermore, how many fifteen year olds want to be pregnant?  It is a vulnerable, awkward time. A time when a girl is transitioning into a woman.

Most normal fifteen-year-olds are in the stage of "I don't want to have kids myself, it is too much work and I have plenty of kids to babysit."  It is a developmental stage!  All of us moms grew out of that childish mindset to be mothers ourselves.

This absurd law confuses young girls and enables predators and those interested in making a profit from sick means. How easy it would be for an older man to convince a girl to be sterilized to hide their "relationship."

The consent, of course, states that no one can have coerced or forced the girl to this decision.  How silly.

A fifteen-year-old girl does not wake up one morning and think, "I want to be sterilized today."  No, someone plants the idea in her mind—someone who does not have her best interest at heart.

When I was fifteen and enthralled with my 46-year-old abuser, I bought into whatever he said. Let me tell you, I was able not able to think clearly, nor was I able to reason like an adult.  My mom blogged about it here.

Thank God, my parents found out, and my life and future were spared.  I cannot bear to think about what could have happened to me if they had not intervened.

Moms, please be as outraged as me about this.  Let's band together and say "no" to what is being allowed in our society.  If you live in Oregon, do what you can to see that this law is repealed.  If you live in another state, watch your state government’s legislation carefully and don’t let this spread any further.

Let's cling to the truth of God's word to protect our children and families.

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Kalyn Cherry Waller together with her mom Lisa Cherry share their story of how to protect our children in their book Unmask the Predators.


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By Lisa Cherry

The last two weeks have found me parked uncharacteristically in front of the TV set in my recliner.  I was grateful that the Olympics were on to distract my family from my surgery downtime.

However, now I am horrified. After multiple promotions on every night of the Olympics, NBC has officially indoctrinated a nation to "a new normal."

Amazingly opportune that the host TV vendor of the Olympics could debut their new fall series with such incredible repetition.

Mamas, you’d better watch this link. And as you watch it, watch it through the eyes of a very young person. Could you hear all the subtleties of how they're setting us up?

We—along with our children—are being systematically encultured to redefine marriage and family.  ← tweet

The Facebook campaign for this show is also quite telling.

This leaves me with this question for us mamas:

Are we going to stand by and agree with them?

Are two very attractive homosexual young men working to impregnate a very beautiful young woman the new normal?

Are we supposed to be "talking" to that newly conceived in the doctor's office child as if he could be a future Olympic star?

Are we supposed to think it's more normal since they throw in a funny and famous grandmother star and a cute little 10-year-old girl?

The new normal? The new normal? How dare they?

I'm saying no way!

But sadly what damage has already been done even when nobody has yet tuned into their show?!

How many of our kids saw this and were unchecked? How many adults saw it and were desensitized?

Frontline mamas, we've got some work to do here.

If your kids watched any of the Olympics, I encourage you to call this TV commercial to their attention for a major family discussion.

Don't be confused if it seems as if they didn't notice. Perhaps some of them didn't even understand all the innuendos, that is true.

But little ears perk up on the concept of normal. Are two daddies and talk of impregnating a woman now what we want them to believe is normal?

The battle over our children's hearts is raging.

Many of them will be returning to schools that are telling them this IS normal. Who is going to inform them otherwise? It must be us often and clearly.

I will pray for you moms this week. It will take courage for us to face our culture with strength. I'm counting on the Lord for His wisdom.

How about you?

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whistle 257897_whistleBy Lisa Cherry

The severe punishments levied by the NCAA against the blatant cover-up of the sexual abuse of children at the hands of Penn State football legend Jerry Sandusky is rocking the nation.

Most of what I have read has been quite supportive of the stiff sanctions and the strong stand taken by the national sports supervisory board. Surely not many are left wondering why the statue of Joe Paterno has now been removed.

I am glad this story is inviting the public scrutiny it deserves. However, let's not fail to take advantage of one of the looming questions in each of our own lives:

Are we each prepared to deal truthfully and effectively if WE were the ones to witness the abuse of children?

It is easy in the face of this national headline to cast stones. But have you ever considered what you would do if it happened to you? What if you saw or heard something you wish you did not see?

We must spend some concerted effort to get more prepared ourselves for this.  The statistics of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and pornography are staggering in our land.  There is a growing likelihood that we might find ourselves in the whistleblower role!

I am working on some help for us frontline moms on this very issue. Pray that I hit this issue correctly because it sure is easier in the abstract than in the concrete!

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calling card 1022838_business_cardMy last post generated some controversial discussions! Which I think can be very healthy for all us Frontline Moms.

Today, I want to dig deeper into the concepts behind the use of my title of last post, Predator Calling Cards.

When our daughter was sexually abused by a man that we could legally identify as a predator/abuser, I came face to face with the world of sexual perversion. Before the attack on her life, I was largely ignorant of the difficult-to-understand concept called "grooming."

Grooming is a legal and psychological term for the process that a perpetrator uses on his or her victim. Grooming is deeply deceptive and often subliminal at its onset.

The predator needs a way into victim’s world.  So with words, a look, or a seemingly innocent touch, he slips in bits of information that, like a calling card, create a connection, a memory, a sense of legitimacy and familiarity.

In other words, the predator gains the trust of the victim and then very slowly moves the boundary of the relationship toward the sexual. S-l-o-w-l-y the desensitizing confuses the victim until he or she yields power and voluntarily performs acts that would normally be labeled as out of bounds. Kalyn still looks back in horror as to how she started in one spot and ended up in another participating in things that violated her own heart and soul.

It was more than "logic" that failed her. She was up against a spiritual force of darkness that was very real and powerful.

Moms, what happens in the world of sexual predators in the natural flesh is happening in the spiritual realm around us also. Our kids—and we—are being pulled into sexual practices and beliefs that are not pleasing to the Lord and actually dangerous to our lives and futures. And just like all tactics of warfare, the devil is using deception and "grooming" to do it!

Homosexuality is dangerous.

Now that is not a popular statement, but it is the Biblical view. Our loving God warned us of its dangerous attraction numerous times in His word.

It is not an identity.

It is not a birth anomaly.

Am I saying that every person who claims an identification as a homosexual or struggles with the issues of gender confusion is poised to attack children?  Of course not!

But the lifestyle of homosexuality is dangerous, and we must not allow ourselves or our children to be "groomed" into thinking otherwise by well-intentioned people who do not know the scriptural view and have rested on faulty science.

Because I’m saying this, does that mean that I hate homosexuals? No, it doesn’t, and I don’t.  And God doesn’t hate them either. But we are being groomed to agree with the notion that saying that homosexuality is wrong is hateful. 

I have friends and acquaintances that have struggled with this issue of same sex attraction. My posture has been and always has been one of love. They are precious people needing the healing and deliverance of the Lord.

Real agape love is always truthful.  See 1 Corinthians 13:6

Real love preserves people from danger.  No matter what the cost.

Here is another illustration. If you go to college to study money systems, you will study both Micro-economics and Macro-economics. Micro-economics is the study of personal economics and how our personal household choices impact others economically for better or worse. Macro economics is focused on the things that impact nations, things such as supply and demand, federal reserve interest rates, government spending and borrowing. Both are important to understand because they are intimately interrelated.

In the world today we have Micro-predators (actual persons) and Macro-predators (global thoughts and forces). They are very much inter-related. Think about it. A child "macro-groomed" may more easily be "micro-groomed."

My Country Living magazine experience was aimed at moving my boundaries and the boundaries of my children. Was it actively connived in a board room to have that effect? I don't know. At one time I am sure it was strategized. Someone had to do the economic weighing of the risk to alienate certain customers. All businesses do this all the time.  But if my commenter who said she had seen multiple articles featuring homosexuals in Country Living is correct (and I am sure she is would know), then no one needs a meeting anymore. The remaining subscribers have all just yielded and acquiesced.

I see evidence of a generation of young people who have been successfully groomed. What my grandmother's generation knew was clearly un-biblical and un-Godly, today's generation thinks is normal—even "biblical" homosexual behavior. Many would say "God made them to be this way." So, of course, they are now cooperating with the grooming. And 11%* of our teen girls report homosexual girlfriend relationships. That is what I call Macro-predator success.

Next time let's look at the word "judgment."

*There’s more on this and other interesting discussions on protecting our kids in my book Unmask the Predators: The Battle to Protect Your Child

 By Lisa Cherry, Author of Unmask the Predators: The Battle to Protect Your Child

Image courtesy of  Brian Lary

Read part 1 here.

mailbox 738130_letter-boxI sat down the other day for a rare moment of relaxation with my new issue of Country Living. It’s the one women’s magazine I subscribe to.

I looked forward to dreaming up some unachievable new interior design as I flipped my mind over to unwind mode.

Featured on page 92 and 93 was a quaint 19th century house in upstate New York.  But I had trouble figuring out the heading…

My mind did a double take as I re-read the article's opening line… Jesse and Gus have forged a surprisingly modern home.... I turned the page to find a picture of this "couple"—two men and their five-year-old daughter.

What?!  I was accidentally taking a tour of a homosexual couple's house? I dropped the issue on the floor in disgust. The images of the cute little girl stuck hauntingly in my mind.

 I wasn't sure how to express my shock and outrage. I was the only one awake at that hour and there was definitely no one else I wanted to pollute with my discovery.  So I picked up my magazine again and turned to the editorial contact page contemplating my recourse.

My email to the editor titled Not Liking This went something like this:

I have been a fan of Country Living for a while now, and I have always found the magazine to be a breath of fresh air in our bustling world. I sat down to relax with my new July/August issue only to get a shock. I DO NOT want to look at photos of two homosexual men building a life with a cute little girl!!

 PLEASE! This has been a family friendly magazine in the past. Today, your magazine hit the trash before my young children could see. Why did you think we would all enjoy this??? What are you trying to sell us?

Unless you can guarantee to me this will never happen again, I want my subscription canceled immediately. I will await your reply and explanation.

Frontline Moms, even the women's magazines are trying to brainwash us into seeing nothing wrong with two men and a baby?!

What if I had left that magazine in my bathroom reading rack as I usually do, and my children had seen it?  They could have been influenced and damaged by this deceptive display.

Apparently Hearst Communications, the publisher of Country Living magazine, believed that the attraction of homosexual men to their readership by running that article would outweigh the loss of conservative women. Isn't it important that we let them know we do not share their indoctrinating views?

Whether it is through prime time TV shows, magazines, or made for teens music videos, our kids are being bombarded with these types of confusing homosexual images. And the sexual acting out in their lives shows it is having an affect.

The Bible is very clear on our standard of truth. Homosexuality is not acceptable to the Lord.

As we work to Unmask the Predators threatening our homes, we must have the courage to discuss these issues openly and frequently with our children.

Sitting passively or in fear is not an appropriate or a safe response. Our children's futures depend on what we allow in their world.

“…Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.” Matthew 16:19

Will you resolve with me that when we encounter a predator’s calling card, we will call it what it is, and counter it with the truth?

By Lisa Cherry, Author of Unmask the Predators

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