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Copycat transgendered kids?

Lisa Cherry —  October 1, 2015

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" the boy's mother tells us he decided he was a girl when he saw a "transgender" propaganda video 3 years ago. "

I caught someone's Facebook share of Matt Walsh's comments yesterday, and that phrase jumped out from this story.

Read Matt’s disturbing piece about a gender-confused boy and his abusive mother who is poisoning him here

Over the last few weeks I've had the most amazing time writing a new book. That's why you haven't been hearing from me as much!

One of the things I've been researching is the effectiveness of progressivism propaganda over popular thought. Surely this issue of transgenderism takes the cake on irrational belief systems.

How can people who know so much about science and DNA believe that a few hormone shots and mutilation surgeries can change something as complex as gender.

When I read this quote about a child being influenced by transgender "propaganda" it confirmed what I have been concerned about.


Did you know that is a very effective propaganda technique? Speaking about something frequently enough especially if it is a big lie will begin to break down resistance to the new idea. The Nazis employed the big lie technique frequently.

Parents, I suggest we keep talking about this issue. I know it seems like we shouldn't need to, we've already talked about it, and there's nothing more to say.

But the fact is our kids are being hammered on an issue designed to get them to let loose of boundaries that are even greater than male and female.

Please pray for this child. And pray that these parents will not be permitted to give dangerous hormones to children!

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This story is an example of a "teachable moment" that follows on the wings of Parent/Child Conversation #4 about brainwashing, propaganda and mind control. 

Are you looking for a way to understand how the media presentations and biases are permeating our personal worlds?  See Ken Blackwell’s article Elton John's Attack on Missionaries Way Out of Tune

Also see the Voice of America documentary he is talking about here:  AIDS: Living in the Shadows. 

Most of our kids would not even know the name "Elton John." But for some of us, he remains a name we have known for a generation. And his "work" here will undoubtedly deceive many.

Here are some questions for you to use as you discuss this as a family:

1. Outline Elton John's argumentation.
2.  He asserts that stigma is AIDS’ most deadly symptom.  How is this flawed?
3. Why do you think he would make such a claim? What are his suppositions?

4. Fast forward and see where this line of reasoning is headed. Do you think the author of this article has identified a significant issue?

Are you taking stories like this in the news and "debriefing" them with your kids? Doug and I are finding this is one of our most important jobs right now to help our children (and us) stand!