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Readers...let us not forget! While so many young lives are falling into the radical agenda of our age, God is still intervening!!

Please read Sara Winter’s story here:  Ultra-feminist founder of Femen Brazil declares herself pro-life, apologizes to Christians

As we step into the New Year, God is looking to us to continue to share His glorious Gospel.

Maybe you know a "young radical." Maybe you are heartbroken—that young radical is your child. Do not give into despair! Rise up and pray. Listen to God's Spirit-led instructions.

Radical transformations are the norm (not the abnormal) in the Kingdom of God!!!

Remember Paul! He was a killer until He was arrested by Jesus. See Acts 9:1-31

As you read Sara’s story, you may wonder if she has all her relationship with Jesus on track yet. That I do not know. But as we continue to pray, I believe she will get there. How about you? She is a woman on the Potter's wheel.