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An Honest Grief

Lisa Cherry —  November 7, 2013


 By Lisa Cherry

Today my heart is burdened. Today we realized a new level of darkness that even a decade ago I would not have believed could happen.

Our local courthouse will be licensing gay "marriage."

The bill in Illinois passed yesterday, even as so many labored to get it stopped. And now I am left to reckon my feelings.

"Oh well, we knew it was coming."

"It was just a matter of time."

"What else would you expect from a state that is considered so liberal?"

"After the DOMA reversal, everyone will be doing this."

Those were the comments I heard swirling through my mind as the reality settled in my heart. But behind them, I sensed a different torrent of feeling also producing its own musings and prayers.

"God, don't let me get complacent even as the news keeps shocking my heart."

"God, should I ask You if it is appropriate for me to raise my family in a state where what is evil  is honored among men? (Isaiah 5:20) Lord, is there a point where one must flee? How would I know when I hit that point? And Lord, where would the righteous go?

I was sobered by my inner thoughts. Something inside me was shifting toward a posture I have yet to fully identify. But I know my spiritual journey must be strengthened to understand.

 I must be here, but not here. I must be agreeable but not agreeing. I must honor and yet not be willing to honor.

And the truth of 2 Corinthians 6:17 spoke with even more conviction to me than ever before

"Come out from them  and be separate, says the Lord."

Fellow frontline parents, we are in an invisible spiritual culture war, and the days of sitting in the demilitarized zone are over. So we must roll up our sleeves and live lives of prayerful obedience to the only One who knows how to keep my children from falling over the 99% cliff.

NOT OPEN COVER 7-4Over the next weeks I will be writing more intentionally about living a Not Open life in an Open world. Our new book is due to ship within a week or so. It is a gutsy book. And as of this week, I am aware that it will be a non-popular book to the majority who live in my state. But that is okay. Popular is not truth, and truth always prevails in the end.

My prayer is for the Remnant of the Lord to stand firm in this critical hour.

God, I humble myself and my family around Your throne. We have failed to be Your salt of preservation in our great state. Lord, have mercy on us and teach us to hear Your voice in this day. For the sake of the righteous Lord, hear our cry!!

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By Lisa Cherry

The title of this post is heavy on my mind today. So please allow me to explain.

I just finished speaking to a lovely group of church folks about one of my new favorite topics: the Remnant of the Lord.  

I did what I usually do and led my listeners into a personal reality check that included a brush with some nasty statistics like....

Even though 83% of Americans still identify themselves as "Christian" when asked their religion of choice, only 9% of adults and only 1% of the Millennial generation have, according to George Barna, a biblical worldview!

9% of adults think and reason according to the teachings and principles of the Bible?!

1% of the young generation??!  Meaning our kids!!!

Can anyone besides me say that this is deeply distressing??

Somehow we have changed seasons in our nation. Somehow, while we were busy doing other things, we have exchanged our Christian heritage for something else!

And that explains why we scarcely recognize our national tenor as we peek in at our nightly news.

But not all of us have changed. Right???

Not all of us are running headlong into a feel-good sea of  relativism that flaunts sin as if it were the new vogue. Some of us are still standing. Right??

During a back to school service in the church I was visiting, I looked earnestly at the altar filled with teachers and students. And I couldn't help wondering. ...

Who in that group would be in the 9% or 1% ?

For just a moment I could hear my inner self about to pull an Elijah and say, "Lord, I must be the only one of your people standing!" But almost immediately, I sensed the Lord's correction.

Lisa, just like in the days of your brother Elijah, I have preserved for Myself ones (i.e. 7,000) who have not bowed their knee to Baal.

Yes, Lord, I celebrated! You are preserving for Yourself a holy remnant.

Now my job as a parent is to figure out how to lead my child to be...

…the 1 in 100!

This thought is whirling through my mind on a daily basis as I consider the priorities for my family in this new school year.  

How about you? What are your spiritual goals for your home? What is the Lord speaking to you right now about the most important things to include in your plan for your family?

Bible reading
Heart to heart discussions
Inspirational movies

Folks, the 1 in 100 will not come by accident.

What is your plan?

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(Statistics and concepts in this post are from Lisa and Lucas' new book releasing February 1 in bookstores called Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War.)












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America light 6914795521_3c0127a00fBy Lisa Cherry

A big thanks to The Barna Group for their thorough analysis of HOW and WHEN public tide has changed on the homosexual issue in their article America’s Change of Mind on Same-Sex Marriage and LGBTQ Rights.

This article is worth the look....even if you scan and look at the charts.  

 Please note the discussion in the last two sections particularly. It helps us see ourselves—at over 40—as well as our kids’ views!!!

Wow, what a time for us to stand for Jesus!

 Remnant of the not give up!!!

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Supreme Court building 800px-SCOTUSbuilding_1st_Street_SEBy Lisa Cherry

Our Lord Himself defined marriage in GenesisAll attempts at a new definition are simply rebellion to His word.

I join with others who are mourning our Supreme Court's decision last week on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA.) Wow, what a sad day for God's people.

But what are we to do now? We lost.

I personally think one of the greatest dangers we face right now is our own discouragement. Discouragement births complacency, and that could result in us going dormant.

Dormant is tempting.  But Dormancy is Dangerous!!

We are called salt and light for good reason. Our presence has a preserving effect.

We are watching our culture slide over a dangerous cliff. But I, for one, will not give up and grow dormant with defeat.

I will continue to stand for righteousness. I will continue to disciple my children in how to reason according to the ways of God—not the culture. And I will continue to speak the truth in love to anyone who cares to hear my voice.

How about you? Do you find yourself saying words like: It's just inevitable....we may as well get used to it...there is nothing we can do now....times have just changed?

Please... Do not give in to the enemy's new plan to cause the lights to be hidden under a bushel basket! Precious souls are at stake and our children's future is threatened!

Not Open Cover designJust two days before the Supreme Court ruling, Lucas and I got our new book off to the editor. Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War deals with how to build a Remnant family when the flood of dissipation is rising. We will give you previews soon, but for now, can we agree?

Dormant is not the answer!!

I appreciate Christian leaders who, rather than going dormant, jumped out strong and quick to last week's announcement.

Dennis Rainey devoted his June 27 broadcast to this.  You can watch his podcast or download the transcript here.

Albert Mohler explained how the decision set the stage for a future legal challenge that would result in “…a sweeping decision that would create a new “right” that would mean the coast-to-coast legalization of same-sex marriage.”

James Dobson, Franklin Graham, James Robison, Mike Huckabee, Jack Hayford, and other leaders have joined in endorsing the Marriage Solidarity Statement

I’m signing this too.  Will you join me?


*    *     *

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REMNANTBy Lisa Cherry

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.  Hebrews 11:7

Our nation's electorate has spoken. And in many ways the collective voice demands our own personal response.

Are we prepared to help our children sort out the messages? Here our some quick thoughts.

1.  We must rejoice in the freedom we enjoyed in peaceful, free elections. Our leaders now need our honor and prayer.

2. We need to understand that "majority rules" does not mean that "minority voices" no longer have a voice.

3. Clearly, the majority of Americans did not choose to view this election with the moral, ethical, and spiritual standards that line up with Biblical standards
. That is a harsh reality that spills over to our personal lives.

4. We must be ready and equipped to stand firm in the Lord even amidst persecution and hardship.

5. Traditionally, hardship and persecution has grown the strength of the church....not destroyed it.

6. However, many will not choose to stand. This calls each of us into a time of personal decision making.

7. As our hearts look at our is truly time to look at ourselves. Who and what do we serve? Convenience? Comfort? Money? Popularity? ....or the Lord?

8. Even as one generation has failed to make a stand, another generation will arise. Our sons and daughters are soon to take the reins. Will they be more or less equipped than their parents?

I am more committed than ever to doing my part to equip this remnant generation. I sense the Lord calling this simple blog to be a voice of light in a greater way in the coming season.

Together, we can see His Kingdom truths shine…even into a dark world trying to snuff out His Light.

Now we must pray. Now we must stand.

A few years ago the Lord impressed on my heart this simple directive......

Lisa, you are to train others to stand firm in difficult times

I recommit myself to that direction today.


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