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Deanna retreat 431602_10150532555354822_1825207764_nBy Deanna Boozer-Cohen

I had a plan.  I was going to get all of my children in one place at one time to discuss (spiritual things).

Really?!  I could see the eyes rolling; I could hear all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. I could hear all the excuses why they won’t be able to attend: work, school, money, transportation, the list went on and on.

The most intimidating of these thoughts was the voice that kept saying “What are you doing this for? This is a waste of time. There is no hope for your family. They will never get on board with this.”

I pushed through the thoughts and set the date, time, place and created an agenda for the event.  I sent the information to all of my children. I text, I called, I sent Facebook messages.  I set up a private Facebook page and began to post a count down of the days until Our Family Retreat.

The most life changing nuggets of wisdom I have received from going to POTTS support groups are that I have the tools to create the family that I desire to have and that I must be intentional in orchestrating opportunities to create that family.

This is not a profound revelation when I look at it from God’s perspective; He made me in his image, He said I would do greater works then He did when he was on earth. Even more then that, He has promised me that He will make my family prosperous in all things.

So, it would be reasonable to believe that I have the authority to bring my family into the Kingdom Plan that I know God has for us.

The radical change of thinking that I have experienced is in believing that I have these tools and can create this family when I look at it from Deanna’s perspective.

I have five children ages 23, 22, 20, 16, 14.  They are all living apart from Christ or with one foot in and one foot out.  My family has been directly affected by drug addiction, abortions, domestic violence, alcoholic marriage, child abuse, child neglect, sexual abuse, rape, sexual immorality, incest, poverty, mental illness, murder, single parent homes, diabetes and high blood pressure.

So, it has been a giant leap for me to believe that there was hope for even my family. I was going to have a Family Retreat and we were going to agree on a vision for our family.

Then came the day, July 4, 2012,  I was in awe as each one of my children contributed to the success of our retreat with their presence, with their enthusiasm and with the offering of their hearts.

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing.

We took a unified and intentional first step of many more to come that day and I know He will complete the work that He started until the day of Jesus Christ.

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