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By Lisa Cherry

Looking for a great comeback to what your kids could be hearing about sex before marriage from teachers at school or among their own friends? 

I loved Matt Walsh's response to a letter from a teen wondering what to do with his teacher’s proclamations that "sex can be casual" and "abstinence is unrealistic".

This may be a great letter to share with your teens who are subject to mixed messages!


Image source: Woodley Wonder Works “Listening in science and math” via Flickr Creative Commons
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 By Lisa Cherry

I was out praying this morning and today I realized something so strong in my heart that I had to share it with you.

There's always a risk when you share personal revelations with others that the thoughts could be misconstrued or misunderstood. I'm willing to take that risk this morning as I believe this is that important.

The warning:

A demonic force has been released over our nation. I wrote about it in our new book, but now today I believe I finally really understood what I was writing about.

It is a false god of sex.

It is been sent to deceive and draw the love away from the Father. It is designed to hijack people’s trust in the Lord and preclude their obedient faith. It is a major distraction and ensnaring force.

This dark force must be resisted now.

Parents I urge you to go before the Lord with an important prayer today.

Instead of just praying for your children's sexual purity, I urge you to pray for your own life first.

My personal response to this revelation was something like this:

Father, search my own heart. Help me to see how this false god of sex has infiltrated my own living space. Search me, O God, and drive out any place in me that has bowed my knee to this false god. Lord I am so concerned about my own children. But let the cleansing begin with me.

And then listen for His grace filled voice of conviction.

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