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Surgery on My Joy Boy

Lisa Cherry —  December 18, 2013

 Lucas surgery 1

By Lisa Cherry

My son Lucas needed surgery. The doctor had painted a pretty grim picture as he described the hip procedure.

Disassembling joints, shaving off bone, and reattaching ligaments… and all this would make Lucas not even think about coming home for Christmas, the doctor forewarned us.

So I braced myself for some active nursing duty and hand holding as I made substitute plans for our holiday celebrations.

But I failed to factor in my "Joy Boy."

Lucas surgery thumbs up stretcher image(Lucas is going to love this post where I reveal my secret nickname for him ever since he was born.)

He was born with a smile on his face....and it has never faded. And now I have witnessed for myself the incredible power of joy to bring supernatural strength and healing.

Take a look at all the pictures of his last five days. Notice anything?

Who wears a festive tie to the hospital with his pre-surgery athletic outfit?

Lucas surgery feetWho cracks jokes with the nurses and is obsessed with singing a happy song via FaceTime 30 minutes out of anesthesia?

Who declares his first day home from the hospital was one of "his best days ever" because I got to be here with him, cook his favorite foods, and watch some movies with him? (never mind the little details about the pain meds and ice bags and crutches!)

Who laughingly says the worst part of his hip discomfort is the feeling of "hot lava flowing down the inside of his leg?" (Uh, is that how he describes pain???)

lucas surgery in wheelchair with nurseThe guy with the revelation of joy. My "Joy Boy."

That's the same guy who reported to his post-op nurse who called him three days after surgery that he was "doing just great" and he was wondering if that was normal?

No, she said. That is definitely not normal. But very blessed.

So what did I learn from my week of "taking care of Lucas?"

Cancel worry and stress. It's not worth it.
Choose joy every day. Every circumstance. Every time.
Trust Jesus explicitly.
And rest in the truth that the joy of the Lord will be your strength!

Hmmmmm. Maybe Lucas helped me more that I helped him!

Thanks Luke! It was fun having surgery with you. :)

 Thanks, God, for healing my son!
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Lisa SlingBy Lisa Cherry

Until it happened to me, I did not know how common shoulder injuries are...especially for women.

I'm convinced my torn rotator cuff could have been prevented. That is a tough lesson to learn the hard way!

As a middle-age mama who is raising ten children, I'm speaking to all of those young moms middle-age moms and grandmas out there… Learn from my mistake! Learn from my mistake!

1. Recognize the immense amount of stress motherhood puts on shoulders and arms. Multiply this stress by the number of children you have.

2. Avoid the temptation to carry the baby car seat on the crook of your arm…obvious stress on your shoulder!

3. Learn to carry your young children on either hip…not just your favorite one.

4. Value taking care of your own body. The husband and the kids need you...... for the long haul.

5. Learn to be the Proverbs 31 woman whose arms are strong for her task….which leads to number six:

6. Intentionally exercise your arms, or you will be weak for your tasks.....and not know it. Make the time and the priority to build your muscles. You will be glad later!

7. Bad exercise or improper weightlifting can do more damage than good.

8. Listen to your body signals. Things that feel too heavy…are.  Tissues or muscles that are aching…need to be healed.

9. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to build and protect your health. And then do what He says.

10. Consider purchasing and using the book that was given to me by a friend just a few short months before my second injury that sent me to surgery...Core Performance Essentials.

Had I done number nine and followed through with number 10, how much grief I could have avoided!

Lisa hair by kids IMAG0158

By Lisa Cherry

My recent rotator cuff surgery has left me unable to use my dominant right arm for those simple things we take for granted…like fixing my hair.

I have gained a new respect for those with disabilities and a new respect for eldercare! But for us moms who might have to temporarily deal with inconveniences, I have a great tips list...

1. Hairdressing truly is an art. Some have a talent for it… Some don’t.

2.  When someone says "That looks fine, mom" may not be true!    Keep in mind viewpoints of those of a different gender or age, and those who are simply in a hurry.

3. I’ve been told “You should just leave it natural; that's what I do." That advice is probably not best for the fine-haired, middle-age woman.

4. Curling irons wound too tightly can burn the scalp.

5.  Teaching the use of a curling iron is a lot like teaching geometry. Visualization and abstract reasoning are required. Select your students wisely.

6.  Explain thoroughly the dynamics of a curling iron to your student before he or she attempts to style your hair. When rolled backwards a curling iron produces odd hair indentations and crimps at intervals around your head....which leads to the need for number 7:

7. Always sit in front of a mirror to assess your hairdresser’s work while it is in progress. Do not wait until he or she thinks the styling is complete.

8.  The placement of bobby pins is also an art. Men know nothing about it, or about curling irons for that matter. (I discovered this recently one Sunday morning when I found myself alone with Doug as my only pre-church helper.) so.......

9.  Rearrange your own personal shower schedule to match the availability of your most gifted hairdresser.

10.  Consider the whole adventure a spiritual tool to conquer vanity…which of course you've been trying to help your teenager with all these years.  tweet  Don’t forget that

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30

Have you had to manage life without one of your usually dependable capacities?  How did you do it?  Please leave a comment and let me know.

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By Lisa Cherry

If you're a regular reader of frontline moms, you probably noticed our gap in posts.

I had no idea when they wheeled me into surgery four weeks ago it would take me this long to get on my feet.

But today I'm announcing… I'm back.

I’m back directing my children.

I'm back settling the squabbles.

I'm back figuring out what to cook in the kitchen.

I may be wearing my sling and using a dictation program, but I'm back writing for frontline moms.

As a veteran birthing mom of 10, I just didn't take the warnings very seriously about the pain of the surgery.

But after two weeks of heavy pain, my subconscious mind was wondering.... where is baby already!?

Since I thought pain medications were supposed to make you sleep, I figured I would surely be OK.

But? Somehow my meds worked the opposite. I was revved up, not knocked out! So my nights gave way to an endless blur of pain, insomnia, anxiety and fear.

Irrational thoughts tried to take control. My mind became a playground for the enemy.

God, where are you! I can't take this anymore! Is this ever going to end?

David knew that place in Psalm 31:9-10

Be merciful to me, O Lord, for I am in distress;
my eyes grow weak with sorrow,
my soul and my body with grief.
 My life is consumed by anguish
and my years by groaning;
my strength fails because of my affliction,
and my bones grow weak.


I am grateful my husband knew what to do. He took my iPad that I am dictating on right now, propped it up on my recliner chair and connected me to the sound of worship.

I so desperately needed this song from my Father... ← tweet

Maybe you need this song today....or your sweet sister in the Lord....or even your child.

It’s Gonna Be Alright  By Dennis Jernigan

It's gonna be alright, child
Even through the darkest night, child
I'll even use the darkness
To teach you how to hear Me
It's gonna be alright now
Even if you don't see how
I'll even use your failure
To help you to draw near Me

Hear Me. I am calling,
"Child, come falling deeper in love with Me."
Trust Me, you must let go
Or you will never know any deeper love in Me

It's gonna be alright here
If you will let Me hold your heart near
I'll even use your sorrows
To teach You how to love Me
It's gonna be alright, child
I'll hold you really close and tight child
I'll even use Your woundings
To help you know more of Me

Hear Me. I am calling,
"Child, come falling deeper in love with Me."
Trust Me, you must let go
Or you will never know any deeper love in Me

Why do you hold on to the things of your past
Let go and cling to Me and love that will last
How can you know Me if you do not trust My love
Let go! You'll find My love is more than enough

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One Armed Frontline Mama

Lisa Cherry —  July 31, 2012

Fork in the road 505071_a_journeyBy Lisa Cherry

Dear readers, when you read this I will probably be in some sort of an interesting brain fog. I wrote this in advance of having surgery to repair the rotator cuff of my right shoulder on July 30.

ARG! This is not how I planned to wrap up my summer! But after putting up with a full thickness tear for a few months, I am actually ready to be on the healing side of this problem.

Have you ever had an interruption to your mothering that seemed like a bigger challenge than you can reasonably handle? That is what I am facing as I look on the front side of surgery recovery, six weeks in a sling and six months of rehab.

Quite honestly, I have faced some fear over this one. Thinking about my right hand being incapacitated leaves me tempted to feel incredibly helpless and undone.

Time will tell exactly what this mama will look like, but at the very least, a new grace will need to be dispensed over my household. Meals and routines will be altered. Driving will be passed to the teens. And my computer work will need to go to dictation.

I am very grateful that this “interruption” is more of a nuisance than a life threat. But I am mindful that out of the potential trial, I may face many maturing moments. Please pray that I pass my tests!

Moms, just when we think we have our world tamed into a manageable formula, life has a way of throwing us some curves. I think my greatest opportunity this month may very well be my chronic life lesson: Who will Lisa trust?

I have been to this fork in the road before. Perhaps you are at that same fork with me today. My husband, Doug, preached a message on this very question just this week. Deuteronomy 33:27 is our answer.

                         Underneath us are the everlasting arms of our heavenly Father.

Those arms are ever faithful…ever strong…and ever capable. Lord, I lean not on my arms (which is quite smart in my case J), but I lean totally on YOU!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress here. And if you notice a few misspellings coming…..well, it might be my nine-year-old helping me out!

See an update on Lisa's recovery here.

Image courtesy of L. Emerson

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