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By  Lisa Cherry

Sometimes it is the simplest of actions that can speak the loudest.

This week, I was noting how easy it is to rush through the day and miss the connection points with your child.

So simple, yet so profound....

The simple smile with eye contact.

The unexpected squeeze or high five.

The softly spoken word of encouragement.

Touching your child's heart is an emotional and a spiritual event.

In our human vulnerability it can seem so "hard" ... especially if the relationship has been strained or distant.

But I encourage you. God is into the small moments of connection. He really is.

Ask Him to open a door. It is such an awesome request. And then obey His gentle prompts.

The presence of the Lord (some might call it the anointing of His Spirit) is not reserved for the churchy moments of our week.

Expect Him and welcome Him. He wants to lead our hearts.

Image:  Steve Koukoulas “If we put our heads together…” Flickr Creative Commons
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