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Tough Times with Kids

Lisa Cherry —  June 24, 2013

Nathan wheelchair (3)By Lisa Cherry

I am in the car today driving to Mayo Clinic up in Minnesota.

Not how I planned this beautiful day in June, but I am grateful to be here.

Our oldest son Nathan has been suffering from a mystery illness since April and it is past time for some answers. The picture of him in the wheelchair at Disney World on our annual family vacation a couple weeks ago needs to be retired into the archives!

Tough times. It seems in this life none of us are exempt from them.

And when they happen to your kids, they are especially difficult.

Even when your son is 28, married and has three young children of his own, the parent heart is still the same. We want the pain to stop!

How we walk through tough seasons depends so much on us though, does it not?

Through this family trial, I have been drawn back once again to the foundations of my relationship with the Lord.

He is here…walking with us, leading us through this valley to the other side.

I can either rest in that and walk without fear, or look at my circumstances—my current Goliath—and fall into torment. I have come to learn that the choice is mine.

What about you today? Are you walking in His place of trust?

The longer I parent my children, the more I realize I cannot bear their pains for them. That can seem like a helpless position until I realize they each do have a great heavenly Dad who can bear their pain! So the best help I can probably ever be to my kids is to demonstrate a life of confident trust.

So here I sit in my car......enjoying the scenery on a road I never really hope to travel again, singing a little song in my heart KNOWING my God has my son's case well in hand.

(But hey, I sure would appreciate your prayers of agreement also!)