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Is Everything OK at your House?

Lisa Cherry —  December 23, 2014

Christmas time 77104716_149c548572_z 

Today, I want to reach out to those of our Frontline Moms and Dads who might be struggling at this Christmas time.

Perhaps you recently lost a loved one.

Perhaps you recently lost a job.

Perhaps you have emotional pain or physical pain.

Perhaps the kids are not in order and you just cannot pull off the holiday flair like you so desperately want.

We know what it is like to not have a very easy Christmas!

So if this message is for you, please know your Heavenly Father sees your struggle....and He cares.

In fact, He cares so much that He sent His son in the form of a baby to carry your weights and your sorrows.

Our family is praying for you today. We are standing in the gap believing that even as the Christmas glitz may not produce for you this year...the light of Jesus will still guide your heart home to the One who will never leave or forsake you.


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Operation Enduring Freedom

By Lisa Cherry

When your teen explodes, and you’re facing a parental crash and burn, you’d probably prefer that it not be played out in the media for all the nation to see. 

But that’s what happened last week when the court case of a disgruntled 18 year old suing her parents was our focus. 

Perhaps this week we could focus on the healing of the same family!

We have reason for hope. The girl returned home to her family this week, as they are trying desperately to get out of the public light.

While this story has players and plots we do not know firsthand, many of us are watching families (and even perhaps our own family) dealing with these types of explosive issues.

So here is my word for the day:  Compassion.

Nobody wants to see their teen explode. Nobody plans on this kind of behavior for their kids.

And for those who suffer this pressure, we want to extend our hand of support.

Likely these parents who were thrust into the public eye are doing exactly what all of us do when we have a parental crash and burn.

They are mourning for their errors and regrets. And now they are looking for solutions and hope.

Isn't it good to know there is always hope in Jesus Christ!

He has the answers to the most complicated of relationship trials. When we come to Him in humility and trust, He, as a good Daddy, can save us...even from ourselves.

Rebellious teens are all around us. Hurting parents are right there too.

Will you join me in extending a hand of compassion? Will you stop right now and pray for those who need our support and love???

And if you are the one in tears as you read this post, know that I am praying for you today. I have been there ....and come back.

If you need a hand of support, I  would like to recommend my book, UnMask the Predators: The Battle to Protect Your Child.

God sees your pain. And He has a plan!

With Love,

P.S.  Book Giveaway: We will be giving away a copy of UnMask the Predators to one of the readers who comments on this post.  The drawing will be held on March 21.  Click here and scroll down to comment.

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20 Stitches and 3 Lessons

Lisa Cherry —  February 27, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

You may have noticed Frontline Moms and Dads has been uncharacteristically quiet the last week. And for a good reason.

A spectacular fall while I was traveling and speaking in Iowa last weekend left me with a head problem: 20 stitches in my forehead and 2 black eyes!

I will spare you the pictures and let your imagination fill in the blanks. (But think raccoon mixed with Frankenstein!)

This unexpected trial tried to put a stop to our ministry last week. But it didn't work.

After a trip to the emergency room and a new hairstyle, Matthew (our 15 year old) and I had a great time with the parents at ATF in Des Moines on Saturday and with a church congregation on Sunday.

Here are my top 3 lessons from this not-so-easy-experience that I thought worthy of putting into print.

1. Take the time to get a flashlight.

I was attempting to navigate a very dark room when I failed to see the piece of equipment on the floor that I tripped over. A few days later, a friend asked me if I knew about the flashlight app on my phone.

Of course, I did. But....I didn't at the time think of it since I was "sure" I could "handle" the problem of poor visibility on my own.....

2. Adrenaline can take you a long way... but it has a crash effect also.

God designed us parents with an amazing ability to handle stressful times. But we must also recognize our need to recharge our batteries after the storm has passed. I have learned the importance of giving yourself a "break" after tough times.

Avoid major decisions. Be easy on yourself. And wait for strength to return!

3. Vanity can still be a snare (even in middle age!)

We never outgrow our desire to "look good." But a little adverse turn to our physical features is a nice check-up for the problem of thinking too much about ourselves. This was the best lesson for me last week.

As I sank my roots deeper into Him, I was reminded of how fleeting external human beauty can be... but of how lovely His beauty inside us can become!!!

Thanks for many of you who prayed for me last week. I received so much love and concern that my heart was encouraged!

Today, I think I am looking much better. With a little make up and my new hairstyle, I am back to being socially acceptable! :)

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lisa_and_doug_cropBy Lisa Cherry

“…In sickness and in health…” No one ever wants to believe those words will have any real application in their marriage.

When I stood at the altar 31 years ago, that seemed to be something distant to my mind. Something reserved for old age. This past month I had my first real encounter of the depth of those words.

I have always enjoyed amazing, supernaturally blessed health. With a strong countenance I brought forth ten healthy babies, which is quite a testimony to the Lord’s power.

 But when a diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff necessitated a very difficult surgery, suddenly my strong countenance and quick come back wavered.

It took my husband and me by surprise. But isn't that how most of those ‘in sickness’ experiences are? They come as unwelcome intruders—time and emotion robbers that we dread.

As days and nights gave way to some of the most intense pain I've ever encountered, my soul was in anguish. Leading my household was impossible.

In fact my heart, though it wanted to cry out to my Savior, was deeply disturbed, exhausted and confused.

Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation or maybe it was the bad reaction to the narcotics. Or maybe the pain had simply chipped away at my spiritual confidence.

Whichever it was, in the middle of those desperate nights I discovered the true meaning of the vows my husband had taken. He was my "laborer," my tender knight in shining armor. ← tweet  Helping me in and out of my bed, delivering me my medicines, and calming my frantic heart.

He could have moved to the other room to get some sleep himself. But he chose to sit by my side lovingly and gently leading me back to my true Shepherd.

“Honey, listen to this song,” were his words as he would set m Ipad to play. “You remember how the Lord has always come through for you? He will do it again.”

My middle-aged mind began to wonder if old age was creeping in. Would the pain never stop?

Would my husband somehow have to take care of a bedridden wife as well as a house full of children?

I'm eternally grateful that the Lord has moved on my behalf and those fears are not being realized. But out of the dark night has come renewed love and appreciation for the man who walked his bride down the aisle from that altar some 31 years ago. And for my Bridegroom who will hold my heart for eternity.

Marital oneness? It is often found in the most unlikely places. The joy of the sunrise, the snuggling together under the warm blankets…those are all beautiful and nice.

But my dear sisters, it’s the ashes of those ‘in sickness’ times that our Heavenly Father can redeem into a magnificent beauty on the other side.

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