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In a recent heated discussion between siblings, Josiah, our eight year old, attempted to exert his authority to get his way by quoting a "bible verse":

"Guys, you know what the bible says: He who hesitates is lost!"


One problem with his quote. That statement, of course, is not in the bible!

It is simply something my husband frequently says when he gets home late for dinner and some of the favorite serving bowls on the table are empty!

How easy it is for children—or even us adults—to think we are basing our life on biblical ideas only to later discover we have been duped by counterfeit look-alikes!

I loved this list of 9 Unbiblical Statements That Bible-Loving Christians Believe  by Shane Pruitt.

His article was so good it was picked up in a magazine targeting millennial Christians.

Bible truth is priceless. In fact, Psalm 119:72 saysThe law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”

But the counterfeit, worldly “wisdom” is worse than worthless. It can be downright dangerous!   See James 3:14-15.

This would make great discussion material in your family or group.

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Jessica Misener says she misses her "Jesus phase" of her teen years. Her story brought grief to my heart.

What went wrong in Jessica's life that caused her to lose her faith and plunge into such great darkness? Ray Comfort featured her post recently when he proposed she had experienced a "false conversion" in her teen years. (Listen to Ray's audio "True and False Conversion" here.)  Whether that was the problem or it was something else, obviously she is in deep trouble as she has joined the epidemic number of millennial "ex-born again" Christians.

What can we as parents who are concerned for our own children's souls learn from this young woman's article? I see at least 3 things:

1. She had no foundation on the concept of truth.

As she explained her reasoning, she had obviously absorbed the cultural lie that eliminated the whole concept of "missing out on the truth." That is a dangerous, deceptive trap for our kids.

2. She remembered the emotions of worship in the gym

I am all for a true living abiding presence of God in our worship times! But if worship music is the sum total of our kids' revelation of the Lord, their root structure will be shallow. Jessica did not appear to be rooted in the Bible as a foundation of her faith.

3.  She was not prepared to defend her faith.

To live as a millennial Christian today is to live life cross-culturally. This young woman was not equipped to defend her faith against the multiple other world-views and false gods she encountered.

Parents, let's pray for Jessica as we pray for our own kids and families. This is ark building time! We must build something in our children's lives that will help them stand when others fall.

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Can We Rethink Heaven?

Lisa Cherry —  November 25, 2013

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By Lisa Cherry

I have had an issue of Time magazine sitting in my bedroom for months. I keep meaning to file it away, but the cover and title, “Rethinking Heaven,”  and article keep causing me to leave it in my reading site.

This article at first glance might seem like a welcome piece of journalism for the Christian to celebrate. After all, heaven is pretty dear to our hearts!

But today I would like us to take a little closer look.

How are our kids and many adults around us rethinking heaven?

Is it possible that our thinking about heaven would somehow alter the reality of heaven itself?

This article demonstrates a powerful deception infiltrating the minds and hearts of this generation. For the postmodern mindset definition of truth goes something like this…

Truth is only true for me if I choose to believe it.

Parents, this is the cultural view permeating our collective mindsets. It is not the Bible way of defining truth.  It is not even the traditional Webster's dictionary way of defining truth.  But it, according to the studies and statistics, is our kids’ way of defining truth.

Truth is only true for me if I choose to believe it.

So according to this definition, we are free to rethink heaven. And then, of course, we are also free to rethink hell. And after we are done thinking, we can choose what is true for us.…which is of course our personal right and privilege.Time Rethinking heaven 360_cover_0416

Parents, this misunderstanding of truth is damaging our kids’ lives and destroying our ability to lead our kids to the Lord. What are you doing intentionally in your home to counter this philosophically wrong view?

This magazine picture would make a dandy discussion starter.

If you have not yet routed such postmodern reasonings out of your home, you could be headed for dangerous waters.

In our book Unmask the Predators and the workbook that goes with it, I can help you take an honest look at this issue. Click here for more information.



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