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TV girl 2050184463_9beb8815faBy Lisa Cherry

I know the airwaves are filled with raunchy sexual imagery.But I did not understand how much my girls are being targeted by inappropriate sexually exploitative humor.

Joking about the sex trade, rape, and lewd behaviors is both subtle and overt in programming on network television. This new study by the Parents Television Council highlights the problem.

The question becomes: what effect will this have on adult and teen behavior?

As I wrote recently, I believe there is a growing trend of casual attitude towards sexual violations that should shock us. We must take note of this as parents and do all we can to protect our children.

Here are three important keys to consider:

1. Seek the Lord's wisdom for television, movie, and Internet viewing.

This summer I have committed to designing a new "screen time plan" for each of my kids. This is a moving target with the increase in technology! But we must not abdicate our leadership.

How many screen hours of what type is healthy for your kids? Set guidelines and limits and then do the hard work to police their viewing. Let them see the same discretion in your own viewing.

2. Educate your kids about sexually exploitative humor.

Realize that even with your vigilant monitoring, your kids will be exposed to and tempted by the sexual humor that is pervasive in our culture.  Do not make the foolish assumption that kids and teens can hear, translate, and correctly process the sexual themes hurled at them.

Teach them in advance of viewing to recognize the inappropriate and respond.

A worldly, fleshly response to crude sexual humor is to laugh at it, talk about it, and imitate it.  Can your kids articulate what would be a Biblical response?

 Show them scriptures that guide our morality such as Ephesians 5:1-20, Psalm 101: 3-5, and Mark 12:30-31.

3. Consider an online screen protection such as Covenant Eyes.

I am very concerned about the television viewing but in the teen generation what they are seeing online via their portable devises is equally disturbing! The sexually aimed teen sites are filled with strange humor.

Do you have an online protection system screening for them as well as the pornographic sites? Parents that I know have been shocked by their kids landing on these tempting sites.

What other ideas should we consider as we continue our quest for raising up strong families? Feedback to the entertainment industry? Connection to watchdog organizations? Opting out of watching any television? What are our best options?

Image source: Yannig Van de Wouwer

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A Reality Show for Predators

Lisa Cherry —  February 11, 2012

By Lisa Cherry

I watch so little TV that I am often appalled when I find out what the networks and cable companies are offering.  Reality shows bring in the big bucks.   But there is one in particular that must hold the record for being low and disgusting.

It’s called Toddlers and Tiaras.   I  do not recommend that you watch this show to learn more.  It’s a sick and dangerous exploitation of children and parents who have fallen into the pageant industry.  Mom Spark recently blogged about it.

Children are shown dressed in scanty, alluring clothing...made up like adult women...and dancing suggestively.  …Reflecting a culture that doesn’t blink at using children for sexually stimulating, evil purposes. And conveniently served up weekly for predators to watch and record.

I’m praying that God will show us what to do to stop this madness and rescue the children being hurt by this.  Will you join me?