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May I offer you a simple suggestion from a mom who has launched several teens into adulthood....but still has 5 teens and tweens in the house?

Make them sleep!

Sleep is a remarkable mood regulator and tension reliever. We all know that. Just let us parents get a little sleep deprived....and, well, we don’t want to go there!

But teenagers have so much to do at night that they just...can' ....bed....!

Do you know what I mean?

I find this to be a battle I am constantly fighting on behalf of my teens.

They need my help to prioritize and get to bed. In fact, they sometimes need my help now more than when they were little!

I am not saying we should nag. (But then again nagging might be preferable to letting them get so sleep deprived that their behavior falls apart and they feel helpless!)

But I am saying that sleep health requires adult help at this age.

And since I am in the middle of this stage....helpful ideas are always appreciated!

See Mayo Clinic’s article: Teen sleep: Why is your teen so tired?


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How would you like your kids to use their phones to exchange texts, photos and videos anonymously with random strangers within your community?

Unfortunately, there’s an app for that… in fact, quite a few.

One of our Frontline Moms sent me Kira Lewis’ very helpful post The Worst Apps for Kids

Keeping up with teenagers and their apps can be a daunting task! I loved getting this simple-to-use list.

After all, most parents do not have time to keep up on all the new apps....that are springing up constantly. But rest assured, our kids learn about them very easily.

There are even apps that hide apps, so that parents cannot see what apps their kids have!

Here’s an important key: Get into your kids’ phones’ settings and assign a password so that they will not be able to download any apps without your permission. Kira tells us how to do this in her post.

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What is a Sexual Atheist?

Lisa Cherry —  April 21, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry

Our faith should affect our decisions about with whom and when we will have sex. Wouldn’t you agree?  The Bible has plenty to say about this.

But evidently, many Christians are acting like atheists in regard to their sexual behavior.

According to the 2014 State-of-Dating report from (an online Christian dating service), most Christian singles, aged 18 to 59—both men and women— admit that they would have sex before marriage—63% of them! 

Kenny Luck described this problem in his article Sexual Atheism: Christian Dating Data Reveals a Deeper Spiritual Malaise.

I was very intrigued with his conclusion that nine out of ten Christian singles are “sexual atheists.” 

Frontline parents, I suggest we take a look at this article, and the report it is based on. They are building a pretty significant case that today’s Christians have learned to compartmentalize faith as separate from sex.

Notice also in the article the change in female behavior.

As I consider the lives of my own children, I am more motivated to help them navigate this Christian attitude shift. My own teens and young adults need to be warned. "Normal Christian" values may not be what we think!

I suggest we hit these attitudes head-on in our home, in our youth groups, and in the church. I get the feeling that many today are biblically ignorant concerning this subject.

Don't forget our resource called Straight Talk in a Sex-Saturated Culture if you need a Bible study to help you get to some of these issues.

Here's some links for some previous blog posts that might also be of help.

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By Lisa Cherry

Texting is such an easy way to communicate to our busy teens that I appreciate some of its simplicity.

At the same time I am watching firsthand its down side. For while texting can allow us to keep up to the moment in some of our already established relationships, it is not a good way to establish relationships!

In fact, it can be a bust in the world of romance.  Texting can promote a false sense of intimacy that clouds one’s judgment and leads to many relationship errors.

I appreciated Ruthie Dean’s helpful insights about this issue in her post “Are you wearing “text goggles”? Love in the time of texting.”

Her points would make the basis for a healthy discussion in your home if texting has become a part of your family's culture.

What is your family doing with the texting issue? Are you, as a parent, right in the middle of your teen's texting world....or are you on the sidelines?

What about your sons? Are they "loving this texting thing" so much that they are hiding behind it???  

What about your daughters? Are they learning to read through the imaginary aspects of the texting world?


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“You Don’t Trust Me”…Responding to Teens on Internet Use

Frontline Moms, I am so excited. We have been writing and planning and waiting for the big day...Our new organization for Parents of Teens and Tweens, POTTS, will officially launch NEXT WEEK! As one of our faithful readers, I hope you can be a part of this exciting event.

Join us online Tuesday, September 20. 7:00 p.m. CST, or in person at Christ Community Church in Murphysboro, Illinois for our first POTTS webcast.

Please get this on your calendar today! Here’s a one-minute trailer, and the link for viewing the webcast.  And here’s flier you can use to invite others too.

Christian parents all over the nation are in anguish as they face an ungodly culture that threatens the very lives of their children.  They wonder how they will help their children make it through their teen years and come out as spiritually whole adults.  POTTS is our response to their cries.  We are asking God to send a fresh wave of spiritual power and vision to the parents of tomorrow's leaders.

If you live in or near southern Illinois, join us at Christ Community Church in Murphysboro, IL to be in the audience. We ask that you arrive by 6:45 p.m. CST, so that we can be ready for the webcast to begin at 7:00 p.m.

Doug's new book called STICK! will be released that night also. I hope you will get a copy of this valuable resource which will help you make the spiritual handoff to your children.

You will learn all the details about POTTS when we meet together next week!

Please let me know about your plans to join us. Would you email me at I would love to hear from you.

If you have questions, call (800) 213-9899. And maybe you could forward this post to a few friends! Together we can move mountains in His name! Love ya, Lisa