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Zoo Adam Kyla I goBy Lisa Cherry

 I get such a kick out of reliving some of my kids’ childhoods through the sweet faces of my grandbabies.

Kyla, Kalyn and Adam's little girl, is so much like Kalyn, I find it to be humorous. Spunky, feisty, smart, and opinionated.....I love that little cutie!

 Daddy Adam sent me this text from the zoo.....


 At the zoo. Every exhibit she sees, she says, "I go!" and whines that she can't get in with the animals! Here she is begging to go into the bear cage!


And when Kalyn asks me if she was like this, I just smile and nod. (and chuckle to myself!)

Zoo Ethan Lydia JosiahBy Lisa Cherry

We were just about the only warm-blooded creatures outside the animal houses at the St. Louis zoo yesterday. Why?

Because it was about 36 degrees outside and breezy, so every other tourist wisely chose the science museum instead.

We had planned to stop off at the zoo on the way to the Tulsa Acquire the Fire event ever since I realized I could drive to the event with all of the kids.

Spring break is great that way. So even when the weather forecasters lowered the expected temperature by 20 degrees, there was no way I could disappoint my six year old, Josiah. For him, the zoo is the best place in the world.

My teens had trouble grasping why I wanted to be cold. However, they rose to the occasion admirably when I explained something about love languages, little boxes of animal crackers, and the fact that they had each had their days of animal longing.

Zoo three by elephantAs I looked around at my van full of blessings, I noted all the other ways that love is spelled to them.....

T-r-a-c-k m-e-e-t

H-a-i-r s-a-l-o-n

L-a-w-n-m-o-w-i-n-g b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s

Finding the keys to my kids' hearts is my job as their mom. With a nostalgic sigh, I realized how their love languages have changed over the years.

How do your kids spell love? How will you be the one to reach into their world and meet them where they are? Are you willing to do those sacrificial things like "zoo trips" for your teens as well as your little ones?  

Please leave me a comment or link up your post.  I’d love to hear from you.

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